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About us

OSIVEX ZÁHRADKÁR Ltd., is a private limited company, founders are owners of the all shares.

OSIVEX ZÁHRADKÁR Ltd.. is the company which is interested in cooperation in the area of the distribution of seed for sowing of agricultural plants and seed potatoes.

Our company resides in the second largest city in Slovakia, in Košice, and covers by its activities the entire Eastern Slovakian region. As one of the three largest seed firms dealing with Slovakia and abroad. We deal with the firms from Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Holland and France directly or through other firms. The above state enterprise had more than 40 years long tradition in propagation, treatment and distribution of seed for sowing of cereals, leguminous plants, seed potatoes, all kinds of grass, oil - plants for spinning and fodder. We utilise great experience in cultivation and seed-dealing with the tradition since 1907.

Our company contains 5 plants with 10 operations being situated throughout the territory of Eastern Slovakia enabling us to react flexibly to the needs of the customers.

OSIVEX ZÁHRADKÁR Ltd. Košice is an exclusive representative of the company EUROPLANT from Germany in sales and multiplication. The result of good cooperation between EUROPLANT and OSIVEX Ltd. is the joint venture GRAMINA, dealing with multiplication of healthy potato plants in Slovakia.

Our company is also an exclusive representative of the companies BayWa from Germany and NOS from Austria in the area of potato plants and SEMPRA Czech company.
Cultivating and seeding tradition in Eastern Slovakia dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The first mention about the foundation of Research Seed Center in Košice is from 1907. It was a kind of affiliate of agricultural school in Košice. After World War I., the issue of cultivation and seeding on Eastern Slovakia and Carpatho-Ukraine was dealt by Research Agricultural Institute in Bratislava by means of its affiliate in Košice, Barca, Sabinov, Trebišov, Mukačevo, Veľká Bakta and Nižné Verecky. Before World war II. there was a cultivating center on Eastern Slovakia in the Trebišov sugar mill. Moreover there was a seeding station of the Schwarz brothers in Drienovská Nová Ves. In the period of World war II. (1941), the State Agricultural Center was established in Levočské Lúky. Other centers had been founded in the period from 1964-1966.

Regional seed and plant enterprises and Regional Agricultural Institutes were rescinded by 31 December 1955 and from 1 January 1956 each region established cultivating and seeding enterprise. The cultivating and seeding enterprise in Košice together with Agricultural Research Institutes were renamed to cultivating and cleaning plants. On 1 July, 1960 there was founded a Cultivating and seeding enterprise in Košice under administration of which belonged cultivating centers in Behanovce, Klčov, Levočské Lúky, Malý Slavkov, Malý Šariš, Trebišov and Veľká Lomnica, also cleaning plants in Čaňa, Levočské Lúky and Michalovce as well as fruit seed shell plant in Orkucany. All mentioned regional enterprises were united in one state enterprise SLOVOSIVO. On 1 February, 1955, OSIVEX Inc. became its owner through privatization process. This company was founded on 23 April, 1993 and continued the seeding tradition in new social conditions. From 1 January, 2000, the whole business and production activities in the seeding area were taken over by a company Incorporated SLOVOSIVEX (21/1/1996) and by now continues its activity.
© 2013 OSIVEX ZÁHRADKÁR, s.r.o., Štúrova 33, 040 01 Košice

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